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Creator and Host of Drunk History and The Instagrammys.

“Don’t meet your heroes” is such bs. I fell in love with @chipcoffey the first time I saw him on tv.
I then hired him on my show and we instantly became friends. If you haven’t been lucky enough to become aware of Chip...look him up. He’s the best and most honest physic medium around and also the sweetest kindest soul.
Tomorrow I am on his new show Paranormal Pajama Party.
It will be available on @amazonprimevideo and @vidi.space 
Hope you get to check it out but If you don’t just check out the one and only @chipcoffey I promise you will love him too. 💜💜👻👻
Spoiler alert: Chip returns to Drunk History season 7🙌🙌

Happy New Year! 
Two wonderful years laughing and enjoying life with you ZZ💜💙 @zarahzohlman

Merry Christmas from me and my 8 dads! 💜🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄💜 #tradition

I’m so excited to be on Crank Yankers tonight! @crankyankers

Let’s go RAVENS! Sorry @tarzannoz #ravens 💜💜

I’ve been lucky to do a lot of things but nothing has been as cool as this. Getting drunk with my favorite teacher in the world(Mr. Stange)and having him teach history on my show. @drunkhistory #410 #towson

I’m so excited to announce Drunk History is returning for a 7th season! And for the launch of my own production company,
Thank you @comedycentral
More @drunkhistory and more NEW projects coming! 💜💜

Beyond a field of dreams! 
As a kid all I wanted to be was a baseball player. Things didn’t work out for me on the baseball field but somehow I found a new field of work that got me on the best field in baseball.
Thank you everyone with the @orioles crew for taking care of us yesterday. Won’t ever ever forget it. Let’s go O’s! 🧡🖤🧡🖤

5 years for the Waters boys looks like this.
Let’s go O’s!

I’m so honored and excited that “Are You Afraid of the Drunk” was nominated for an Emmy, that we’re performing it LIVE  Tomorrow night with some very special guests Including @evanrachelwood & @sethrogen!!!
Free RSVP - DHLiveReadRSVP@gmail.com
Thank you for all your support💜💜

“Tonight’s the night we’ll make History” Styx.
Season 6 Finale. Wowzers. You gotta save the best for last.
@jackiemichelejohnson narrates her first (not her last) story, teaching us about Typhoid Mary starring @betsysodaro and 
Adam Campbell !!
Then, @lyriclewis returns in the best fashion! She’ll be teaching us about the other queen of Egypt Starring @plazadeaubrey @standup4justice @davidwain  @theoliviatrujillo 
We’ve had a lot of amazing people on this show but @theoliviatrujillo will be the biggest break out star. Such a nice person who just so happens to be extremely talented! 🙌🙌
Thank you to all the cast and crew this season! By far the most fun I’ve ever had on the show. Let’s do it one more time 🤠🤠
Thanks to the best fans around. If you hadn’t passed this show around and told your friends you liked it then there wouldn’t be a show.  Thanks to @comedycentral for allowing @drunkhistory to be a show! Ok that’s enough. Enjoy the finale! See you next year! LOVE EACH OTHER💜💜

All new @drunkhistory tonight! S.O.S
You’re going to learn about Doug Hegdahl, played by @mrjoshcharles with @instahashi & @dantebasco !!!
told by the original narrator of this crazy idea @markgags 
And then the one and only Paget Brewster teaches us about Florence Nightingale played brilliantly by my new favorite #drunkhistory performer @minkakelly with my favorite queen @idiotsivan and my favorite tv mom @therealnancylenehan 
For all you Married to the Kellys fans (my parents)
Nancy played my mom and have been friends ever since. check out the photo Abc took. They kept the apple box I had to stand on in the shot haha!
This is a big episode! I really hope you get to laugh and learn tonight!
Thank you !!
Ps. I turned 40 today. Thanks for the best 40 years I’ve ever had. Truly blessed to be doing what I love. 💜💜