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What do I mean by that?
Well.. I like to listen to some motivational messages in the morning or throughout the day.
And this morning I heard @garyvee talking about picking a path for your life and being happy with it.
None of us know what the right path in life is.
We can have a calculated decision based on experiences in our past, but ultimately we have NO idea how life will play out.
I’m a firm believer in following what you like to do, what you may be good at, what your passion is, etc.
But once you have an idea, how do you strategically go about it?
Answer is... nobody knows!
Great news huh?! Lol 😂 
I chose bodybuilding to be my lifestyle and my career.
I can’t tell you how many times my life has gone in a direction I never imagined.
But in the beginning (and still now) I believe whole heartedly great things would come.
(Remember... I was 130lbs wrestler before bodybuilding.)
But I chose this sport, this passion, this business to be a part of.
Some people may see that I have become successful at it.
What I see is that I just cracked the surface and have just now started.
The path to getting to where I am now would have been WAY too confusing for me to understand 5 years ago.
Between now and the next 5 years I really have no answer to where I will be (exactly). I can tell you I have a very good idea where things are headed in my life.
But the path that leads there is not yet determined.
Rest assure that nobody’s life is certain.
Thankful Gary explains it very simple...
Pick (what you want to do) and be happy (with the decisions you’ve made and in your own life).
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Each training session every week has been progressively better.
Not easier, better. 👌
First video is a straight set of 7 plates (each side) hack squat.
This isn’t my best, but we are getting back there quickly.
(Thanks for the spot @mellowweights)
It takes several weeks for me to get back to peak performance, but once I’m there.. I push for more! 😈💪
It’s been fun pushing my mind and body past where I was the week prior. 
Weight is right where we want it. ✅ 
And nothing has changed besides my attitude towards crushing the weights!
Time to level up!!
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A photo shoot I did with @muscleandfitness after the 2019 @mrolympiallc 
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Each day builds on top of the next.
Like building a house, you have to set the foundation and then brick 🧱 by brick 🧱 you put one on top of another.
Every training session has its intent and purpose.
As the days and weeks progress I’ll be pushing heavier and more intense.
Don’t think that you have to hit your all time best every single day/week of the year.
Personally, I think it’s best if you get familiar with moving heavy weight before you start slinging it around.
Keep the focus on the ultimate goal! 👌💯
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Best thing you can do for doubters, haters, or whatever you want to call them... is kill them with kindness and work harder!
Stay true to yourself and keep on working.
You cannot stop someone who isn’t willing to be stopped.
Put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward.
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If I leave the gym and I feel like I could have given more, chances are I probably could have.
I NEVER want to question if I gave enough effort!
If I can barely walk out of the gym after a leg day, or can’t move my arms because the pump is so crazy.. then I KNOW I gave 💯 and nobody can take that away from me.
It’s ALL about the EFFORT.
Set the standard.
Be the standard!!
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Hope you had a great and productive week!
There’s no looking back on the shoulda, woulda, coulda...
All you have is today, so go make the most of it!! #fbf #flashbackfriday #back #bodybuilding #mrolympia #dereklunsford #212

Took a full 2 scoops of @animalpak PUMP and could barely move my arms after training @clearwaterbeachfitness with @juancgs1976 
Next time you’re at Clearwater Beach, Florida... make sure to stop by and catch a pump before you walk over and hit the beach! 🏝😜
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HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! ❤️ Sharing some photos of @jhelbell and I from many years ago!
(Swipe right if you want to take it REAL far back 😬😆)
We are 9 years together now, engaged and life has thrown us in different directions that we could have never imagined.. but all of it lead us to this point in life today still going strong 💪 
I’m so thankful for her in my life!
She’s pushed me and supported me before I ever truly believed in myself.
She’s had faith in me even as kids growing up together.
The first 9 years were amazing and it’s still fun to love each other.
Happy Valentine’s Day to my best friend and my fiancé! ❤️
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1st pic (2015): full time student, full time work, 1st place welterweight at @npc_jrnationals after winning my first bodybuilding show EVER 2 weeks prior.
2nd pic (2016): did 3 shows (as middleweight) over 16 weeks (first show to last), 2 overall wins at @ifbbindypro (MBOC) & @npc_jrnationals and 2nd place NPC USAs @musclecontest 
3rd pic (2017): won the title of Mr USA @musclecontest NPC USAs before winning my pro debut (6 days later) in 212 bodybuilding and 6 weeks later I competed in my @mrolympiallc debut placing top 5 to 4 other legendary competitors.
4th pic (2018): second #MrOlympia showing placing 2nd
5th pic (2019): third #MrOlympia showing placing 2nd
Though I haven’t reached my goal of earning the Mr Olympia title yet...
I just want you guys to stop making excuses (for ANY reason) and believing in yourself!!
There’s plenty of you out there who can make it to the top.. so go do it!
If you want it bad enough you’ll find a way to make it happen!
And if you’ve read this far down.. I’ll tell you why I put full time work and full time school in the first pic.. it’s not that I stopped working after the first year... I just wanted you guys to know that I didn’t get fed from a silver spoon.
I started just like some of you out there.
I worked, went to school and weighed about 150lbs.
But I made ZERO excuses!!
I believed in myself and I went and DID what I said I was going to do!
Don’t listen to those who tell you to “be realistic.” If you want to be an IFBB Pro bodybuilder.. you can!
You just HAVE TO WORK!!! 💯💪
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That time we got the @animalpak team together for a round table discussion.
What was the conversation??🤔😆 If you guys have any bodybuilding questions... supplements, training, food.. leave your question in the comments below!
@the_real_gsix @vincenzomasone @evancentopani @johnjewett3 
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